BCBGirls Maemi sandals in Eggcream Nappa

BCBGirls brings out the feminine rocker in you.  The Maemi sandals can make you look badass without the slightest effort. The cushioned footbed and smooth leather lining makes for a comfortable walk on the rock star red carpet or the rock concert itself. It’s like wearing booties except it has a round open toe.  It has a platform bottom and the heel goes to the roof.  The ankle hugging shaft has a pleated design that gives your ankle and lower leg the illusion of looking slim and curvy. That, for sure, is bound to get you compliments from men. Maemi is versatile enough to be able to be worn casually or with a playful, sexy dress.  This shoe is one of those things that won’t be hard to match with any type of outfit specially with the two earth colors it comes in, black nappa and eggcream nappa.

Maemi sandal is versatile and can match casual or sexy dresses.

For me, the sexiest thing with the Maemi sandals is the rear zipper entry and the 4 1/4 inch glossy stiletto heel. That means a lot for small women like moi because it’s kind of hard to look badass if you come in this size.

Maemi's cool rear zipper entry and sexy 4 1/4 inch glossy heel

Anyhoo, buy this BCBG shoe HERE …because your feet doesn’t have to feel hot for you to look hot.