Fergie Rylee Boots

Fergie gives your usual black booties an edge. As if studs aren’t enough (would you believe that’s what caught my eye and not the heel???), they added sexy, shiny, sculpted heels that makes all the more noticeable.

Fergie Rylee Boots has shiny sculpted heels for a more sexier look

The shoe has a side-zip for a snugger fit. The Fergie Rylee booties  maybe not made for walking but it is comfy enough you can wear it out to party the whole night. On the sole you’ll see Fergie’s crest that they try to associate with every design. This one comes in brown and black. Probably the only thing I don’t like about it is the slippery sole but otherwise this is one of the cutest booties ever! Buy this Fergie shoe here!

Fergie's Rylee boots has a side zipper for a snugger fit

Each Fergie shoe design is incorporated with her crest and this time it's on the sole! CUTE!