Sanuk's I'm Game Sidewalk Surfer For Women

You gotta admit the this-is-not-a shoe-this-is-a-sandal-phrase is catchy. But there is some truth to it. The Sanuk brand brings you shoes that are stylish and funky with the comfort of sandals. The cushy sandal-like sole lets you walk around all day with no worries of getting achy feet. It may look hot to wear because it covers the whole feet but the canvas upper and lining is lightweight making it perfect for everyday wear and even the summer.

Sanuk has rubber sandal-like sole that cushions your every step

The insole is a molded footbed that moves with your every step

Sanuk's I'm Game Sidewalk Surfer in Leopard Print

Sanuk is basically a flip-flop that gives you more support. These come a little big though so you might want to order it at least a half size smaller. The I’m Game Safari collection comes in leopard, giraffe and zebra prints. Buy this Sanuk shoe … err… sandals here!