Cayce Slip-on Sneakers by Lacoste in Pink

There’s too many brands out these days that promise a whole new level of comfort. If you’re a true blue shoe lover, though, you’ll know that every woman looks not only for comfort but most especially style. Face it, a lot of us would even give up comfort as long as we look fabulous. Lol. Lacoste seems to understand this so they keep bringing us comfy and stylish casual and sports wear. Their modern design but classic shape makes it even more appealing.

Cayce Slip-On Sneakers rubber sole creates traction for a safe, no-slip walk

The logo matches fabric upper which makes for a cuter, fresher design.

The heel measures about 1/2 inch. It has a cushioned rubber sole that makes it safe and non-slip. The fabric upper’s color matches the Lacoste logo which makes it even cuter. This is great to pair up with jeans and even better with shorts for the upcoming summer. The Cayce Slip-on Sneaker is available in Blue and Dark Pink. Lacoste has also released Cayce2 Slip-on Sneakers which comes in white. It’s the same comfy slip-ons with a bit of a French twist. Buy this Lacoste shoe here!