The Juicy Couture Hermosa Sandal

Here’s another pair that would make your summer fabulous! I wasn’t a big fan of the jelly sandals when they came out, until I got my first pair (from a different brand that I’m still looking for here so I can feature it since it gave my life a whole new perspective lol). Since then I kept looking for more but they can’t just be any jelly sandal. I have to make sure they’re comfy. Some materials used for the straps are hard so I have to be careful or I’d get callouses. The Juicy Couture Hermosa sandals is fit for a goddess. The straps are definitely soft and comfortable while the double buckle ankle straps gives you a snug and secure fit.

The sparkling discs along the vamp makes the Hermosa fit for a goddess.

The double buckle straps gives you a snug and secure fit!

Both the upper and the sole are transparent and comes in either Clear or Smoke. The only way the Hermosa could get better is if it comes in gold discs which it doesn’t. lol. The rhinestones, however, are cool and is definitely flashy enough. The sole is designed to have traction but not in the traditional style. You can see how gorgeous and unique it looks from both over and under the sandal. Buy this Juicy Couture shoe here!