Naughty Monkey Tight Rope wedge pumps in Rust

Walking on a tight rope just got redefined by Naughty Monkey’s wedge pumps Tight Rope. I won’t mind walking in it, that’s for sure. This pair is the latest addition to the cool collections for Fall 2011. These would look great with flowy skirts or casual party dresses. I can see the black one with black stockings but the other two are probably best worn to show off legs ;-). The black actually looks kinda bland if not for the bow at the back but rust and chocolate colors are definitely not boring!

Tight Rope side details

Naughty Monkey's Tight Rope unique sole detail

The upper is made of fabric and the heels are wrapped in suede. The stitching details are the same color as the heels with a cute bow at the back.  I love the sole (which is man made, btw) because of it’s unique logo that also produces traction. The shoe has heels that measure approximately 4 1/2 inches and a half inch hidden platform. It comes in Black, Chocolate and Rust colors. Buy this Naughty Monkey shoe here!

Naughty Monkey Tight Rope Wedge Pumps in Chocolate

Naughty Monkey's Tight Rope Wedge Pump in Black