Aldo Minogna Wedge Shoe

Aldo is having a clearance sale and lucky they have this one on the rack! The Aldo Mignogna Wedges. It’s basically a slip on except it has a strap that loops to the ankle for more support. The strap is adjustable too so you can move the buckle where you want it to be seen. That way it looks like an accessory but you can also add more accessories to it like twirling an anklet around the strap instead of wearing separately. The studs also make give it a bit more edge than the usual everyday leather wedge making it ideal for “from-the-office-to-party” wear. The black one looks like it can be worn to a rock concert too!

Aldo Mignogna Wedge In Black

Aldo Mignogna's 2.5 inch heel

The upper is made of real leather while the its more or less 2.5 inch heel is synthetic. The Aldo Mignogna Wedge shoes come in medium brown and black. One little note though: users of this product claimed this shoe comes small so you will want to get it about a size bigger. Buy this ALDO shoes here!