Casadei 6004 Sandal

We’ve seen celebrities like Penelope Cruz in a sky high Casadei shoes. Now you can add up Vanessa Hudgens to the list. She recently rocked this shoe at a party at West Hollywood and she looked gorgeous! She paired it up with a shiny white suit but try it up with your little black dress and some silver accessories for a less flashy but same level of awesomeness! Actually there’s no need for too many accessories, a necklace would do since the shoe is catchy as it is.

This Casadei sandal has a chain covered leather upper.

The buckled ankle strap ensures a good fit

The straps are made of leather covered in small chains and it’s amazing how detailed it is if you take a closer look. The slender stilettos measures approximately 4 inches. One thing I don’t like too much about the shoe is the sole which are very smooth. This shoe is not made to create traction so you better watch your step. Lastly, the original price is as high as its heel which is $1300. Good news is, you can actually get it through amazon at $611.33. That’s over 50% OFF!!! Buy this Casadei shoe here!