Chie Mihara Olympiada Sandal

Perfect for both the bride and her bride’s maids, Chie Mihara comes with the Olympiada sandals. Normally I’d go for the stilettos but this is perfect if you want to last from the ceremony to the wedding reception. High enough but not too high for you to be able to walk comfortably along the isle and dance your way through the after party. The heels are thick, too, so there’s not problem balancing your weight because your feet will feel the support that it gives. The upper material is made of genuine leather and the design’s color comes in Nami Leche. Another original from Chie Mihara.

The Olympiada Sandal is accentuated by a gold buckle

The sole has a unique design that creates traction to prevent slipping

The gold buckle accentuates the shoe and makes it stand out from other bridal shoes. The design is feminine but the buckle gives it a tougher and don’t mess with me feel. A unique design with the brand’s name is made for the sole to create traction and prevent you from slipping. Make sure you order it one size bigger as Chie Mihara usually comes a size small. Buy this Chie Mihara shoe here!