Cole Haan's Air Sara Short Boot In Taupe

Cole Haan’s Air Sara short boot is a cross between a clog, boots and Nike Air. Cole Haan and Nike Air teamed up to make shoes not pretty comfy but pretty and comfy. A combination you can’t see in many shoes.

Cole Haan Air Sara Boot's Clog Style Heel

The Sara short boot is a perfect casual boots for the winter. You can wear it with jeans or slacks to work, run errands or going out. It doesn’t just keep you warm and comfortable during the cold season, it also makes you look stylish. And although the boot is suede countless testimonials have been written about it being cool (no pun intended) to wear in the snow.

Cole Haan Air Sara Short Boot In Black

The Cole Haan Air Sara short boot is available in taupe and black but note that the black one is really a very dark shade of gray. Buy this Cole Haan shoe here!