Teezer 06 Pump Bordello by Pleaser

Pleaser’s Bordello Teezer pumps looks like something Barbie would wear … with a kink. Make sure you’re used to wearing sky-high shoes because that’s what Bordello shoes are. It has a concealed platform and thin stilettos that puts it to a powerful 5 3/4 inch. The raised front makes it easy to walk though. I’d say it’s even comfortable than the usual heels that makes you feel like tiptoeing all around. Most would use this type of shoes for costumes or when performing but since Bordello Teezer pumps does exactly what it’s name says (T-E-A-S-E) then, personally, this is a pair of shoes I’d wear more in the bedroom than anywhere else *hinthint*.

The thin stilettos and covered pump puts the shoe at 5 and 3/4 inches

Pleaser's Teezer Bordello shoes is something Barbie would wear with a kink to it.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the soles of the shoes. It’s not made to create traction to help you slip but I guess that’s the least of your worries when wearing shoes this high. It also comes a size small so keep that in mind when ordering your size. Pleaser’s Bordello Teezer -06 pumps comes in Black Patent, Black Pu, Black Synthetic, White Patent, Baby Pink Patent and Red Patent. Buy this Pleaser Bordello shoe here!