Crocband Flats

I went on a weekend trip with friends to this old Spanish colonial town and it was amazing. I knew I was going to do a lot of walking, though, so I came prepared. I had to wear comfy shoes for this occasion. The Crocband flats seem perfect. It’s very casual and comfortable. The upper has its trademark molded Croslite as well as the cushioned foot bed with circulation-enhancing massaging nubs. It’s very flexible and durable. I liked the round toe that gives my toes room to breathe inside. The double traction outsole prevents you from slipping. The whole time I was walking I felt like the shoes are my feet itself.

Crocband outsole creats traction to prevent from slipping

Crocband upper molded Croslite trademark

This shoe comes in Berry, Bijou Blue, Black, Bubblegum, Canary, Khaki, Espresso, Navy, Plum, Red, White, Yellow, Silver and Sky Blue. The only downside is that this shoe comes a bigger so you might want to order a size smaller when you get it. I’m a size 6 and I had to get a 5 for a perfect fit. Buy this Croc shoe here!