The Dyeables Casey Sandal

The Dyeables brand is well known for formal footwear and are made especially for weddings, proms and special occasions and since I’m going to a wedding in a couple weeks and couldn’t find anything at the mall I thought I’d look at options online (actually I’m kicking myself now ’cause I should’ve done that sooner). Anyhoo, I saw this beauty and fell in love with it instantly. Sexy is the best description for Dyeables Casey sandals.  Every angle just seem to be a head turner and it will get you lots of attention which is cool specially if you’re a single girl in that wedding 😉

Dyeables Casey Sandals' perfect arc makes the feet look sexier

The thin straps adorned with rhinestones and the tall heels provides a sexy arc that will make you feel like the star of the night. I like how the soles are rubber making it safer to walk with because it will keep you from slipping.

Dyeables Casey Sandal's sole will keep you from slipping

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