Fergie Beatnik Platform Sandals in Red

The Fergie brand has brought some interesting pieces out and one of them is the Beatnik platform sandals. Other than the sky-high heels, it is famous for the red patent leather that can turn heads from a mile away! This is definitely flashy and something to wear on a night out if you want to make an impression. These are nice to wear with tights or skinny jeans to emphasize its sky high feature. I have to admit I like the nude one, though. Probably cause it’s more wearable and can go with almost anything. Gold buckles are more appealing to me as well. It’s casual but also classy.

Fergie Beatnik Sandals in Nude

Fergie Beatnik Sandals in Black

Fergie brand logo

This shoe comes in three colors, red and nude (as mentioned earlier) and black if you wanna go to the basics. I think black with a gold buckle accent would be nice too. The heel is approximately 5 1/2 inches but the platform makes up for it so it should still be easy to walk around with. The upper is made of patent leather for a shiny and even more catchy finish. Buy this Fergie sandal here!