Bebe Jealous Platform Sandals

Here’s the ultimate clubbing shoes. Bebe Jealous platform sandal will make everyone in the room jealous when you walk in with it. No need for elaborate accessories, the shoe is an accessory in itself! Pair it up with short dresses and skirts to emphasize your legs and you’ll have every man in the party drooling over you in no time. The suede upper is contrasts its leather ankle straps and the wedge-like lift gives you a more secure step. There is a back zipper too that makes for a snug fit.

The upper is made of soft, feminine suede contrasting with the toughie leather ankle bands.

The wedge style sole and the back zipper gives a sturdier step and a snugger fit.

The Bebe brand is true to size so I always order my size online. This shoe is a bit high but very comfortable to walk in. It comes in Taupe/Gold and black. Buy this Bebe shoe here!