My sister got me these for an occasion (I forgot which one) and although I stopped wearing sneakers right after college I find myself wearing these more and more lately when running errands, on a picnic with the family or even going to work.

The Lacoste Arixia Fashion Sneakers

Don’t bother with laces, I call this shoe my slip-ons with velcro. It gives you that snug feel without the trouble of tying laces properly; naturally, it makes it easier to take off too. The Lacoste Arixia fashion sneaker gives you the urban casual chick look and is great for your usual jeans or shorts for casual wear. It comes in two colors: brown and black; and the classic logo that everyone trusts and is so familiar with. Buy this Lacoste shoe here!

Lacoste Arixia Fashion Sneakers Sole

Lacoste Arixia Sneakers features velcro instead of laces that makes it easier to wear