Michael Antonio Galena Wedge Sandals In Pink

Michael Antonio’s Galena Wedge kinda reminds me of Kate Spade wedges. Maybe it’s the colors? I’ve always loved how Kate Spade brightens up my outfit and I guess it’s what the Galena wedge sandal does to me. Anyway, these are perfect this summer specially if you’re going to the beach, stroll at the boardwalk or hang out at some amusement park. Wedges are always fun to wear and very comfortable. It can go with almost anything too. Wear it with shorts, jeans, skirt a dress or even your favorite bikinis!

Michael Antonion Galena Wedges In Black

Michael Antonio Galena Wedge in Yellow

Michael Antonio Galena Wedge in Turquoise

Michael Antonio Galena Wedge in Tan

It comes in 5 colors: Tan, Fuschia, Yellow, Turquoise and Black. It has approximately 4 1/2 inch heel platforms. I love how the jute covering the black Galena heel is also black. I think it’s just right and would be too much if they did the same for the other colors. They’re so easy in the eyes and much better for the feet. The upper strap is made of soft synthetic leather with an adjustable buckle closure for a more secure fit. At $34.50 to $40 a piece, I think I’d want to get all the colors. LOL. Buy this Michael Antonio shoe here!