Sergio Zelcer's Madge Wedge In Black Multi

You can tell it’s summer when almost everyone woman starts to whip up their wedges and wear it anywhere. I was just at the mall and I swear 4 out of 5 women were wearing them. Can’t blame them since it’s what’s “in fashion” this season. The question now becomes, how do you stand out. There’s a lot of different ways but here’s a simple one, get something unique. To be more specific, get Sergio Zelcer’s Madge wedges. My personal favorite would be the Whiskey-Multi color, followed by the Denim-Multi and then the Black-Multi. Love Whiskey’s earth tone, you can wear it with almost any color! These would be great with shorts (as with any wedges) or skirts. The bold print and the upside-down staircase type heel/platform is very unique and eye catching you’ll definitely stand out!

Madge wedge in Whiskey-Multi. My personal favorite!

Sergio Zelcer Madge Wedge in denim

Again, it comes in in three colors. The upper is made of fabric with D-ring lacings and the platform is made of wood with a rubber sole for traction. The heel measures approximately 4 3/4 inches with 1 1/2 inch platforms. Buy this Sergio Zelcer shoe here!