Crocs Gretel Clogs

Crocs Gretel Clogs

First off, I want to be completely honest. I’m not a big Crocs fan. Never owned one. Yes I heard they are really comfy and will last forever. But I’m a girl. And I’d probably buy a sexy looking shoe over a comfy one anytime. But I have to admit, Crocs Gretel clogs caught my eye. I might have to rephrase my second sentence to: I wasn’t a big Crocs fan until they came up with Gretel.

For one, it’s super cute! And I can imagine it in different colors too. It comes in Black/Black, Espresso/Mushroom, Canary/Oatmeal, Gold/Chocolate, Navy/Oatmeal and Sky Blue/Oatmeal.

Crocs Gretel Clogs

Crocs Gretel Clogs in Gold/Chocolate color

Crocs Gretel Clogs is perfect for the cold season. The inside is lined with faux fur and it’s very warm. It’s a house shoe and something you can wear to walk the dog or do the groceries. Of course we already know it’s comfy. It’s made of the usual Crocs material, faux fur for the inside lining and a thin suede string for lace which I really find cute.

Crocs Gretel Clogs is lines with faux fur that is perfect for fall and winter!

Crocs Gretel Clogs has a pattern at the bottom that will keep you from slipping

I love how the bottom has a pattern that acts as a shoe stopper so you won’t slip especially if the street is wet. Some people like buying this half a size bigger especially if they plan to wear socks with it for added warmth. Buy this Crocs shoes here!