Vince Camuto Pumps in Black Glitter

You can’t have too many shoes and in the case of Vince Camuto’s Sarika pumps, you can’t have too many black shoes. I love how this shoe is available in so many different kinds of black. There’s the usual black leather and then there’s black patent leather, black glitter and black lace. Their designs (especially the lace and glitter) makes the shoe a bit more noticeable without overdoing it. You can also get it in Ruby Patent, Fawn Patent (beige), and Silver Eclipse (which is basically silver glitter). There’s at least one of these that would go with your wardrobe whether you’re going clubbing (glitter ones), going to work (patent) or just meeting people for a casual meal (lace).

Vince Camuto Sarika Pumps in Black Lace

Sarika Pumps in Ruby Patent

Sarika Pumps in Fawn Patent

Vince Camuto Sarika Pumps Sole with its unique logo

Most Vince Camuto shoes have their unique logo on the sole as well as a design that helps build traction for slippery surfaces. It has a round toe and the vamp is scooped so you might have to show some toe cleavage. The heel is approximately 4 1/2 inches and the platform is 3/4 of an inch. Buy this Vince Camuto shoe here!